Find Out Which Essential Oils Work for Depression

Essential Oils for Depression, According to Studies


Lavender perhaps has the most evidence for its efficacy, as an essential oil for depression. Studies show that it may reduce stress and anxiety, improving mood. This is perhaps done through the releasing of oxytocin, as demonstrated in this study. Many other studies attest to similar results.

Lavender Study

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Some evidence hints that frankincense may be good for mental health, boosting your mood. 


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Some evidence exists for the use bergamot to improve mood. More specifically, the study shows it improves feelings of well-being. This is just one of the many benefits that bergamot has been studied for. This may result then as an essential oil for depression.

Bergamot Study

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Yuzu Oil

Studies from Japanese scientific journals demonstrate that the scent of Yuzu oil may decrease negative emotional stress, as well as several other markers of a negative mood state. Yuzu oil is indirectly an essential oil for depression.

Yuzu Oil Study

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Tangerine Oil

A study demonstrated that tangerine oil is capable of altering brain waves, possibly improving mood. 

Tangerine Oil Study

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Rose Oil

Rose oil has been shown to be capable of increasing physical and mental relaxation, as well as decreasing pain levels and anxiety levels. This is also indirectly an essential oil for depression.

Rose Oil Study

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Jasmine Oil

Several studies show the effects of jasmine oil, possibly of being stimulating and mood-boosting, with some studies looking at the potential cognitive enhancements.

Jasmine Oil Study

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