Is Anxiety Curable?

A Cure to Anxiety?

Some people ask, “Is anxiety curable?” and they either mean to ask another question or they’re misunderstanding what exactly anxiety is.

Anxiety doesn’t exist for no reason. It’s a natural, normal, healthy, useful response to certain situations. We wouldn’t want to “cure” it. 

What people may be intending to ask is, “Are anxiety disorders curable?” This is another tricky question. Everybody’s anxiety disorder is different. Each has a different cause, and each has a different symptomatology. 

Let’s say you were bullied for years and developed an anxiety disorder. Therapy would focus on the insecurities caused by that bullying. If you became no longer insecure, your anxiety disorder would disappear with those insecurities. And thus, you’re “cured.” 

A better, more relevant question might be “is anxiety treatable?” And anxiety is treatable, certainly. There are many methods of treating it.

So, in summary:

Is anxiety curable? Yes, sorta.

Is anxiety treatable? Definitely. 

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