Supplements for Anxiety, Substantiated by Actual Evidence

Anxiety Supplements

We will look only at the anxiety supplements which have studies showing they may work. 


The recommended dosage is up to 600mg per day.

Study on Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha Supplements for Sale


Chamomile is proven to be an effective anxiety supplement treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. The recommended dosage is anywhere from 400mg to 1,600mg a day.

Study on Chamomile Flower

Chamomile Extract for Sale

Lemon Balm

The recommended dosage is anywhere from 600mg-1,600mg a day.

Study on Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm for Sale


L-theanine is an amino acid. The recommended dosage is anywhere from 100mg to 900mg a day.

Study on L-theanine

L-theanine for Sale


L-tryptophan is also an amino acid. It can be used as an anxiety supplement because of its effects on serotonin. The recommended dosage is 8-12 grams split into three or four doses. 

Study on Tryptophan

Tryptophan for Sale

Magnesium Glycinate or Taurate

A good dosage would be about 500mg 2x/day, and it’s best to take it with calcium.

Study on Magnesium

Magnesium Gycinate for Sale

Vitamin C

The recommended dosage is up to 3,000mg a day, in divided doses.

Study on Vitamin C

Vitamin C for Sale

Fish Oil

The recommended dosage is about 900 EPA and 600 DHA.

Study on Fish Oil

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It performed equally to a drug for treating Generalized Anxiety Disorder, except that it had less side-effects. The recommended dosage is 400mg 2x/day.

Study on Passion Flower

Passion Flower for Sale

B Vitamins

The recommended dosages are at least 50mg of B6, at least 400mcg of Folate, and at least 500mg of B12. 

Study on B Vitamins

B Vitamins for Sale

Vitamin D

The recommended dosage is at least 2,000 IUs. 

Study on Vitamin D

Vitamin D for Sale


Probiotics have mixed results as anti-anxiety supplements. Some studies show they reduce anxiety. Some studies show they have no noticeable effect. As far as dosage goes, just make sure it includes Lactobacillus helveticus (L. helveticus) and Bifidobacterium longum (B. longum)

Probiotics for Sale


As an anti-anxiety supplement, there seems to only be studies using rats at the moment. 

Study on Turmeric

Turmeric for Sale


You can take it as a capsule or you can drink it. Any dose up to 250mg of kavalactones is okay. 

Kava for Sale


This is actually a drug, but since you can simply buy it on Amazon, I thought it’d be less confusing to have it on this list rather than the medications list. The recommended dosage is anything up to 800mg/day, in divided doses. 

Mexidol for Sale


This is also a drug, and it’s highly addictive. If you decide to take it, take it no more than two days in a week. For some, it has no effect and for others, it erases all anxiety for the day. For those two days, the maximum recommended dose is 1.5g, in two or three divided doses. Start at the lowest dose possible. For many, it’s a very powerful drug.

Phenibut for Sale


A small amount of research show its success for anxiety. The recommended dosage is up to 600mg/day, in divided doses. 

Sulbutiamine for Sale


A nootropic that may lower anxiety as part of its many effects. The recommended dosage is 10mg, up to 3x a day.

Study on Noopept

Noopept for Sale


Not just any lavender! Silexan. Up to three times a day.

Lavender for Sale

Anxiety Supplements

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