Do You Have Social Anxiety Disorder?

Social Anxiety Disorder Screening Test

*The following questions are based on the information found in the DSM-5, the diagnostic statistic manual used all over the country. 

1. Do you have a lot of out of proportion anxiety about one or more social situations in which you are exposed to scrutiny by others? Examples include having a conversation, meeting new people, being observed eating or drinking, and performing in front of others such as a speech.

2. Do you have a out of proportion fear that you will act in a way that will show your anxiety symptoms in an embarrassing way or a way that will offend others or lead to rejection?

3. Do the social situations which cause you anxiety almost never fail to cause you anxiety?

4. Do you avoid these particular social situations with intense fear or anxiety?

5. Is your fear or anxiety out of proportion? 

6. Have your fears persistently gone on for more than six months?

7. Do your fears and anxieties cause significant impairment in your life, in your functioning, social, occupation, or otherwise?

If you’ve answered yes to the questions in bold, you should seek help. But to qualify for the disorder, you would need to have answered yes to basically all of them. They all connect to each other in a way. 


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