Supplements Proven to Help With Anger (1/2)

Supplements for Anger


Saffron calms you down and improves your mood. The maximum dosage is 400mg, but that would be hard to achieve with most of what’s sold. This option is the best one I’ve found:

Saffron for Sale

Vitamin B Complex

B-vitamins handle stress, fatigue, anger, mood, and more. The recommended dosages involve having at least 50mg of B6, at least 400mcg of folate, and at least 500mg of B12:


f you prefer it in spray form, there’s this:

B-Vitamin Spray for Sale


Ashwagandha is all about increasing resilience to stress. Studies show it decreases aggression. The recommended dosage is up to 600mg a day. 


Chamomile is commonly thought of as a mild tranquilizer. The recommended dosage is anywhere from 400mg to 1,600mg. If you want the higher end of that, you’ll have to use a powder, but these capsules should also work well:


You may know melatonin as a sleep aid. It also has many other surprising uses. One of those uses is reducing aggression. This is still in the early phases of research and a standard dose has not been established for this specific purpose. Starting low and going up from there is always the best way to go. 


Studies have shown l-theanine to directly reduce anger. The recommended dosage is anywhere from 100mg to 900mg in a single day. 


Passionflower is frequently used to treat ADHD, and it can help with anger, as well. The recommended dosage is 400mg 2x/day. 


Kava keeps you calm and relaxed. Pacific Islanders drink it in bars. You can take it as a capsule or you can drink it. Any dose up to 250mg of kavalactones is okay. 

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This is actually a drug, but since you can simply buy it on Amazon, I thought it’d be less confusing to have it on this list rather than the medications list. The recommended dosage is anything up to 800mg/day, in divided doses. 

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This is also a drug, and it’s highly addictive. If you decide to take it, take it no more than two days in a week. For some, it has no effect. And for others, it erases all anxiety for the day and produces euphoria. For those two days, the maximum recommended dose is 1.5g, in two or three divided doses. 

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A small amount of research show its success for anxiety and mood. The recommended dosage is up to 600mg/day, in divided doses. 

Sulbutiamine for Sale


A nootropic that may lower anxiety and improve mood as part of its many effects. The recommended dosage is 10mg, up to 3x a day.

Study on Noopept

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