20 Supplements For Anger (2/2)

  1. Marshmallow Root is a supplement for anger and is meant to calm and soothe you. Further studies are needed to confirm these speculations.
  2. L-tyrosine has the potential to make you more amiable by increasing dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. I’ve worked with people where this did nothing for them, and I’ve worked with people whose lives were changed dramatically by the increase in energy and positivity.
  3. Vitamin C , though unlikely to effect change on its own, makes for a healthy and calming addition to your diet.
  4. GABA has a small amount of research to show it reduces stress. It’s very popular, if that means anything to you.
  5. Magnesium like vitamin C, is a great supplement to take regularly and over time reap its benefits.
  6. DLPA can improve your outlook on life. It acts on similar chemical processes as L-tyrosine and also seems to do nothing for some and everything for others.
  7. Valerian Root, without a doubt, calms you. It’s almost like it’s a supplement specifically for anger
  8. St. John’s Wort increases serotonin, which can be a great help to many people.
  9. Cocoa Powder can have a mild effect on anxiety.
  10. Ginkgo Biloba has been shown in many studies to improve mood.
  11. White Peony Root is thought to stabilize you, but there is not yet much research on that.
  12. Bee Pollen helps by boosting blood circulation to the brain.
  13. Green Tea Extract mildly improves your mood.
  14. L-tryptophan is great for relaxation and calming.
  15. Inositol is thought to calm you, but there isn’t much evidence to support this yet.
  16. Zinc increases GABA concentration in the brain, which is the calming chemical.
  17. Lemon Balm Extract is excellent at calming and reducing anxiety.
  18. Taurine also increases GABA concentrations in the brain.
  19. Turmeric calms the nervous system.
  20. CBD has been proven to reduce anxiety, and it is widely used to help calm you down to sleep.

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