The Big Book of Myths: Things People Believe That Aren’t True

This book will debunk all of the misconceptions that surround us and provide you with the truth about everything from animals to space. You’ll find everything from the strange to the fantastic, as well as the horrifying and humorous.

Chapter 1: Pg. 3 – “General”

Chapter 2: Pg. 31 – “Science/Health”

Chapter 3: Pg. 84 – “History”

Chapter 4: Pg. 100 – “Mental Health”

Chapter 5: Pg. 108 – “Hollywood”

Chapter 6: Pg. 118 – “Bugs”

Chapter 7: Pg. 126 – “Dinosaurs”

Chapter 8: Pg. 139 – “Disabilities”

Chapter 9: Pg. 143 – “Babies”

Chapter 10: Pg. 150 – “Men”

Chapter 11: Pg. 162 – “Women”

Chapter 12: Pg. 165 –“ Parenting”

“Many people think that humans only employ 10% of their minds; it’s also the main line of Scarlett Johansson’s 2014 film Lucy. However, neurologist Barry Gordon told Scientific American that this is a fiction. He claims that people “use practically every area of the brain” and that the majority of the brain is “active almost all of the time.”


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