Monsters, Fish, Knights, Warriors, Talking Food, and Fat Animals!: Six Picture Books in One

This is a single book with six picture book stories in it. They’re hilarious and teach good morals. Both kids and parents alike are delighted by them. Here’s a little bit about each of the stories:

1. Round Animals: Adorable, round, fat animals are having trouble! One of them makes fun of another for being fat. How will they resolve this problem?

2. Pixel Warriors: One of the warriors doesn’t want to be made of pixels anymore, but his friend doesn’t think that’s a good idea. What should he do?

3. Food Faces: One of these adorable foods doesn’t want to have a face anymore because he thinks he’s ugly. Should he just get rid of his face?

4. Knights at War: There are two armies that are always fighting each other. Will this conflict ever end?

5. Two Mean Fish: The other fish are afraid of two fish. But why exactly are they afraid of them?

6. Monster Under the Bed: A classic story: there’s a monster under the bed. But how does the monster feel?


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