Very Simple Grammar Explained Simply

Do you struggle with grammar? I know how you feel. But you don’t have to keep struggling. It can actually be simple! I don’t even know any of the fancy words people often use when they teach grammar. Everything I know is simple. And I don’t like using more words than I need to. I just want to get in–boom–get out. If that’s how you feel, too, then this is the grammar book for you.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Word Order                                   3

Chapter 2: Tense and Aspect                         6

Chapter 3: Determiners                                  8

Chapter 4: Connectors                                    9

Chapter 5: Punctuation                                 10

Chapter 6: Extra Bits                                      20                  

“People can’t use commas. It’s an epidemic. But whose fault is that: us or the commas? If basically everyone fails a test, then it’s a logical conclusion that the test is too difficult.

If you pass the test and can use commas, you’ll be one special guy or gal. You’ll be in the minority. You’ll be among the elite!”


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