Modern Winnie the Pooh: A Story, A Book, and A History

Winnie the Pooh sitting on a log

“Piglet Gets Cold” – A Modern Winnie the Pooh Story from the Book, “Winnie the Pooh: A Story, A Book, and A History”

Winnie the Pooh was doing his stretches when suddenly he fell over. “Oh, bother,” said Winnie the Pooh, sitting on his head. Thankfully, he rolled back onto his feet and the incident was never spoken of again. Why it was told of in the first place, we’ll never know.
The next thing that happened was a tad more important, as Piglet said, “Hello!”
Now, if you’ve ever had a dear friend, you know that your friend saying, “Hello!” is a Very Important Thing. It’s the start of something. It’s where friendship begins. That is why when Piglet said, “Hello!” Winnie the Pooh said, “Hello!” back.
“I-I-It’s a little cold!” Piglet said, shivering and hopping up and down for warmth. “Don’t worry about me,” Pooh said with a smile. “I have lots of stuffing.”
“T-t-that’s great, Pooh!” said Piglet. “B-b-b-b-but what do I do?”
“Have you tried hopping up and down?” Pooh inquired.
Having been hopping up and down all this time, Piglet had no choice but to say, “Y-yes, I have!”
“Oh, bother,” Pooh said. “That was my only idea.”
Lucky for them, that was when Rabbit showed up. “Hello, Pooh! Hello, Piglet!” said Rabbit. “What’s wrong with Piglet?”
“He’s . . . cold!” Pooh whispered.
Rabbit gasped. “Has he tried hopping up and down?” Rabbit whispered back.
“That is a good idea, Rabbit,” Pooh whispered. “Let’s find out.”
Rabbit cleared his throat. “We have come up with a solution, Piglet.” There was a dramatic pause. “You should hop up and down.”
As Rabbit spoke, Piglet was in the middle of a hop. “T-that’s a great idea, but I-I-I’ve tried that already! I don’t know if I can hop much longer!”
Rabbit gasped again and whispered to Pooh, “He’s tried that already.”
“Then it’s hopeless,” Pooh whispered back.
“We shall ask Owl!” Rabbit announced.
As they headed over to Owl’s house, they ran into Eeyore. Pooh actually ran into Eeyore. Eeyore fell to his side. “Oh, bother,” Eeyore said.
“That sounds like a very familiar thing to say,” Pooh said suspiciously.
“Eeyore, Piglet is cold!” Rabbit yelled.
“I’m always cold,” Eeyore said, not bothering to get up. “You get used to it.”
“Yes,” Rabbit said to Piglet, “Get used to it. That’s a fantastic idea!”
“Oh, I-I don’t know about that,” Piglet said, hopping up and down. “Do you think maybe we can come up with something else?”
“Well, that’s rather picky of you,” Owl said, having been above them the whole time.
Everyone jumped in fright. “Were you above us the whole time?” Rabbit asked.
“I was above you the whole time!” Owl confirmed. “And I have the solution to all of your problems!”
“No one has the solution to my problems,” said Eeyore, still lying on his side.
“Actually, I meant only Piglet’s problems.” He cleared his throat and stood up straight. “The solution is to wait!”
“Wait for what?” Pooh asked.
“You see, this is where an extraordinary concept called “science” comes into play. One of the secrets of science that I’m kind enough to share with you is that weather changes with time. As time passes, the sky shifts using the power of “science” and, therefore, thusly, ergo, temperatures alter and Piglets go from cold to warm.” Owl stood proudly. “You’re welcome.” And he flew away.
Everyone stared up in silence, expecting Owl to return. Instead, he became smaller and smaller as he disappeared in the distance.
“I don’t know if he really said anything,” Pooh said.
“I think that made me colder!” Piglet said in despair.
“We’re all going to die,” Eeyore said.
“I know exactly what he said!” Rabbit said, a finger in the air.
They all looked at him, ready to listen. Rabbit didn’t say anything. They stared longer. “What?” Rabbit said.
“You were saying that you know exactly what Owl said,” Pooh explained.
“I did?” Rabbit said. “Why would I say that? I have no idea what Owl said!”
“What are we going to do?” Piglet asked in despair.
“We should go to my house,” Pooh decided. Since they had no other ideas, they did exactly as he said.
Everyone piled into Pooh’s house. Pooh went straight to his bed and crawled under it. “What are we doing here?” Rabbit asked.
Pooh searched just a little longer then triumphantly pulled a honey pot out from under his bed. “Here we are,” Pooh said. “A little something to eat.”
Everyone watched him feast. “Is that why we’re here, Pooh?” Rabbit asked, exasperated.
“Yes,” Pooh said happily.
Everyone groaned.
“Piglet isn’t hopping, anymore” Eeyore pointed out.
Piglet looked down at himself. “You’re right! And I’m not cold!”
Rabbit gasped. “I understand now! It’s because we’re indoors!”
“Indoors!” Pooh said in shock.
“It’s because we’re indoors?” Piglet said in surprise, glowing.
“I wish I lived indoors,” Eeyore said.
“I can’t believe it!” Rabbit said.
“There’s just one problem,” Pooh said. Everyone went silent and looked at him. “It’s a little warm in here.”
Rabbit gasped. “You’re right. I do feel warm.”
“W-w-what do we do about that?” Piglet asked.
“We’re all going to die,” Eeyore said. “I’m going home.” Eeyore went outside. A few moments later, Eeyore came back in. “I just wanted to let you know that it’s not too warm out here.”

Includes a short story, “Piglet Gets Cold,” a book, “Winnie the Pooh and the Storm,” and a history of Winnie the Pooh.

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