God’s Solution: Verses and Prayers on Anxiety, Depression, and Anger


Get spiritual encouragement from the source Himself.



God’s Solution is a devotional book that provides verses and prayers on anxiety, depression, and anger. It offers encouragement and guidance for those who are struggling with these issues, and provides the wisdom of the Bible to help strengthen you in your walk with God.

– PRAYER IS POWERFUL – Prayer is powerful because it comes from a righteous place. When we pray, we abide in the grace of God and allow Him to work through us. This power can be used to strengthen us in any area of our lives.

– READ THE BIBLE & ENGAGE IN REGULAR PRAYER – God asks us to abide in Him through reading the Bible and engaging in regular prayer. Through this process, we can access the power of prayer in every area of our lives.

– ACCESS THE WISDOM OF GOD THROUGH PRAYER – The Bible is full of wisdom on how to deal with anxiety, depression, and anger. Through reading God’s Solution, you’ll have access to this wisdom and be able to apply it to your life.

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