Possibly the Best OTC Remedy for Depression

Depression affects millions of people every year and countless people throughout history. It has also taken the lives of constant people, beloved artists, friends, loved ones and more. We are in desperate need of a cure. Is a cure possible? We are at least desperate for more and more effective treatments. Anti-depressants are only found to be about 50%-70% effective. While this is a tremendous advance from just fifty years ago and more, we can't stop there.

Supporting Someone With Depression

Recognize that depression is an illness. Just like a cold or flu, a person cannot simply choose to “get over” depression. Also like other illnesses, depression can affect anyone. A person can develop depression even if they seem to have a good life, with little to be upset about.

Facts on Depression

Symptoms of a depressive episode: depressed mood, sleep difficulties, fatigue nearly every day, loss of interest or pleasure, significant weight change, feelings of worthlessness, diminished concentration, and recurring thoughts of death.